Electro Voice TX1152 passiver Lautsprecher 1 x 15 Zoll

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Electro Voice TX1152 passiver Lautsprecher 1 x 15 Zoll

Allgemeine Informationen

This ELX 1152 by Electro Voice is a passive speaker from the Live-X series, which was designed with an eye for professional use. You'll find speakers from this series at a variety of events and in fixed installations in clubs and theatres, for example. This TX 1152 is excellent for delivering an attractive sound pressure level without distortion. It provides 500 watts of continuous power with a peak capacity of 2,000 watts.

Rotating horn

The TX 1152 is equipped with a rotating horn. If you choose to use this speaker as a floor monitor or in a delay stack in a horizontal stand, then you can rotate the horn 90 degrees to adjust the dispersion. The standard horizontal dispersion angle is 60 degrees, which is narrower than comparable speakers. This angle was chosen to make the TX 1152 easy to use in a line array, as it will create less overlap with the adjacent speakers, resulting in a clearer sound projection.

Operation and Technology

This TX 1152 requires an external amplifier, such as the Q99 or Q1212 by EV. In order to send the correct frequencies to the correct woofer/driver, this speaker is equipped with an internal crossover of the fourth order with 24 dB of filtering per octave. The EQ is responsible for a smooth response in the vocal range, and a safety circuit protects your horn. This speaker is also very easy to transport. Its robust wooden cabinet weighs a little more than 27 kg, and the handles on four sides are easy to reach, making the TX 1152 excellent for mobile applications. Flying this speaker in a fixed installation is also a cinch, as it is equipped with 6 mounting points.

  • 15-inch passive speaker
  • for stage use
  • woofer: 15 inches
  • compression driver: 1.25 inches
  • frequency response (-3 dB): 65 Hz - 20 kHz
  • frequency response (-10 dB): 45 Hz - 20 kHz
  • sensitivity: 100 dB
  • maximum SPL: 133 dB
  • rotating horn
  • dispersion angle vertical: 40 degrees
  • dispersion angle horizontal: 60 degrees
  • built-in crossover, crossover frequency 1,750 kHz
  • recommended high-pass frequency: 40 Hz
  • power capacity: 500 watts of continuous power, 2,000W peak
  • impedance: 8 ohms
  • inputs: 1x Neutrik SpeakOn
  • outputs (link): 1x Neutrik SpeakOn
  • construction: plywood and MDF
  • finish: black textured paint
  • metal grille, powdered coating
  • rugged metal handle
  • 35mm stand adapter for distance rod or stand
  • 6x rigging points for 3/8-inch eye bolts
  • dimensions: 655 x 475 x 439 mm
  • weight: 27.6 kg
  • The eye bolts in the pictures serve illustrative purposes only and are not included.


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