DPA ST2006C Stereo Pair with 2006C Compact Omnis

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ST2006C Stereo Pair with 2006C Compact Omnis

  • Sensitivity selected pair
  • Compact size and authentic sound
  • Full-bodied sound from a small-bodied mic
  • PeliTM Case transportation and protection

The DPA ST2006C is a complete DPA 2006C Stereo Pair with two handpicked omni microphones, selected on sensitivity within ±1.5 dB.

As a small, lightweight and inconspicuous main AB stereo pair the 2006s deliver precise acoustic fingerprint and true tone. Meeting classic architecture and installation requirements, the 2006C’s can be mounted, hung or concealed to create clean, transparent recordings.

The foam design in the heavy-duty transportation box allows for fast and easy exchange of microphone/accessory inlays.

Included in this kit

Two carefully matched 2006C omni microphones, sturdy PeliTM case, holders, and windscreens.


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